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Local Independent Nursery

Whinfield Farm Plant Nurseries

Situated between Gainford and Winston on the A67

Founded in 1989 Whinfield Farm Nursery has grown and now supplies strong, healthy plants to customers throughout the region.  Situated between the River Tees and Raby Castle's Selaby estate, our plant nurseries is a hidden gem, tucked away just off the A67.

We offer a good range of Alpines, Shrubs, Herbaceous and Bedding plants.


Alpines Planted in Stone Wall
Alpines Planted in Stone Wall

Alpines are not limited to plants that grow above the tree line. The group extends to anything that is small, hardy and perennial.
They are hardy, low maintenance tolerate drought and many spread easily.  Best planted in Spring or Autumn, they are fantastic for growing in cracks, crevices, between slabs and along walls.


Generally forgiving and easy to grow we sell a wide variety and are happy to advise regarding your requirements.



Whinfield Farm Nursery
Greenhouse at Whinfield Farm Nursery

Shrubs provide the basis to many gardens. They offer structure and organizing points; many also supply year-round color, as well as food and shelter for wildlife.

Selecting the right shrub for your landscape and particular gardening need can be difficult.  Gardeners are often caught out by planting shrubs which thrive and can eclipse plants behind and around them.

At Whinfield Farm Nurseries, Andrew and Clare will take pleasure and time in advising you in your purchase.  For experienced or novice gardeners we offer a personal, friendly service.

Herbaceous Plants

Herbaceous Plants Whinfield Farm Nurseries
Plants at Whinfield Farm Nurseries

Herbaceous plants can be defined as plants having no persistent woody stem above soil level and can be annuals, biennials or perennials.

Annual herbaceous plants die at the end of the growing season whilst biennial may die back but will grow and flower the following year and perennials may be enjoyed for many seasons.



 Bedding Plants & Hanging Baskets

Annuals at Whinfield Farm Nurseries
Annuals at Whinfield Farm Nurseries

We sell a wide variety of annual bedding plants suitable for a variety of purposes: adding colour to your borders; creating a stunning hanging basket; or adding interest and depth to your garden and outside areas in troughs, pots and containers.  Our bedding plants are all pricked out and potted on by hand.  We are traditional gardeners.  Advice is freely given.

Annual plants perform their full life cycle in one growing season.  Summer annuals germinate during spring or early summer and mature by autumn of the same year.  We sell a wide range of strong, healthy annuals and offer a bespoke service, filling  your hanging baskets and troughs to create a stunning display of colour.  Contact Clare on 01325 730044 if you would like to use this service.